Monthly Archives: October 2012

Stop Cravings

Stop Cravings Dear EFT Community, Even though I have been using EFT with clients to stop cravings for years, I am still blown away by how eloquent it is and how solutions can be achieved seamlessly. Emily has been attending my clinic for the past number of months. Her main issue was difficulty losing weight. […]

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What Caused her Panic Attack Symptoms?

What caused her Panic Attack Symptoms? Dear EFT Community, I want to share with you this fascinating case story about a client who arrived with panic attack symptoms and the following complaints – • Sheila had been out walking the previous weekend and had fallen and hurt her lower back and neck. Her movement was restricted in her […]

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Fibromyalgia Symptoms successfully relieved by EFT

Fibromyalgia Symptoms successfully relieved by EFT Dear EFT Community, I wanted to share with you the very rewarding experience I had of successfully applying EFT to Tina’s Fibromyalgia symptoms in August 2012. Tina told me she is happily married, with children, owns a business; is very busy, never rests, doesn’t know how to relax and […]

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