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Factors For Success Factors For Success

Factors for Success Beyond Belief with Brad Yates.

Factors for Success. The ultimate goal in life is to feel good – to be happy. But there may be a lot of issues about how we identify ourselves that limit happiness. “I am” is a very powerful expression, and what we put after those two words can have a profound effect on our lives.

While the ideal is to be able to cultivate happiness independent of outside events or things, it is natural for us to have desires. Tapping isn’t about learning to tolerate and settle for less than we can have.

But you will never achieve more than is congruent with how you identify yourself. You will never outperform your self-image. We live in a world of cause and effect. In order to change the effects, we need to change the cause – namely, ourselves.

Too often, people will stop themselves from trying for more – or give up after an attempt or two – saying something along the lines of, “I guess that’s just not me.”

As Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are usually right.” It’s time to decide to think you can.

What Are you Factors for Success?

What are your factors for Success? We know that doing leads to having, or action leads to results. If we aren’t getting the results we want, we would be correct to decide to change the actions. Fortunately, there is plenty of information available on how to do just about anything.If you want a slimmer body, there is an overwhelming amount of information on how to do so – some of it truly valid.

Same with getting better at your profession, or playing an instrument,or well, just about anything else you might want to learn to do to get a desired result.

Unfortunately, if these actions – or the desired results – are not congruent with how you see yourself, it will be difficult at best to start, much less continue taking these actions.

Fortunately, you can change how you see yourself – and re-educate yourself to be comfortable doing things that used to seem foreign. The fact is, you have done so numerous times throughout your life. There was a time when you would not have been able to read these words, but you didn’t give up back then, deciding, “Well, I just wasn’t meant to be a reader.” With a little effort, I’m sure you could come up with many other examples.

You are not defined by your circumstances – your circumstances are created by how you’ve been identifying yourself. Improving the way you identify yourself will naturally improve your circumstances.

Be aware that we tend to be attached to our current identities. Ask yourself what might be the negative consequences of letting go, such as a feeling that by changing you would betray yourself or others. But being less than you can be is not being true to yourself or others.

Choose Factors for Success

Your Factors for success. We are who we have chosen to be – not all at once, but by a series of small choices. Take responsibility for who you have become – forgive yourself (if necessary) and make peace with what is so and now make new choices. You deserve the best life has to offer. Seeing yourself as deserving of that may be one of the first aspects of your new and improved identity to cultivate. icon smile Factors For Success

My favorite piece of art – bar none – is Michelangelo’s “David.” While I’ve always loved this magnificent sculpture for its beauty as a piece of art, I later came to really appreciate Michelangelo’s description of how he created the David.

He was working with a huge piece of marble – one that, for several reasons,had been abandoned by a number of other sculptors as being too difficult to work with.

But from this unwieldy block, Michelangelo brought forth this remarkable statue of the young hero on the threshold of greatness.

He said that David was already in there – perfect inside the marble slab – waiting to be freed. All that he needed to do was chip away what was not David.

I like to think of that as a wonderful description of what we do with EFT/Tapping.

Allow yourself to see beyond the mistaken identity, and recognize within yourself the truth of who you are – your true successful self. You are a Magnificent Child of God (or the Universe, or whatever term you resonate with.) – already perfect – pure light – but covered over with limiting beliefs and behaviors that are not you.

All we need to do is tap away what doesn’t belong, in order to free our true magnificent selves.

See yourself as the person who is capable of being, doing and having what you desire. Notice any doubts that come up, and start tapping them away. Eventually, the true successful you will emerge, and success will occur far more naturally and joyfully.

And you deserve that.

By Brad YatesBrad Yates is returning to Cork in October 2013 to present a weekend workshop called Success Beyond Belief. Book your place. Click Here.

“Brad Yates is a master teacher. He is a warm,effective, transformative force for good. I totally endorse his work.” – Jack Canfield                                               


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