Fear of Mice Resolved

Fear of Mice Fear of Mice Resolved

Fear of Mice Resolved

Fear of Mice resolved after just one session. I wanted to share with you the rewarding experience I had recently using EFT with a client who had a Fear of Mice,and evolving it from a -10 to a -2 in just one session.

Tania told me she had previously undergone EFT for another complaint so was familiar with the EFT protocol. We started the 1st Round of EFT to reduce Tania’s immediate stress, to improve the energy flow through her body so that she could tell me what her issue was.

She had a Fear of Mice

Tania told me she has had a Fear of Mice since her mother told her, many years ago, that holes in a dress, hanging in a press, were caused by mice eating the garment. The fear has become more real of late as there were mice in a house she shared with others. She had not seen the mice (except in videos) but saw their droppings. She had her own room but changed rooms, due to her fear of mice, so that she would have company, especially at night.  She had since left that house and was now in a mice-free house. Tania had recently been invited to visit the first house for a weekend, and was terrified of the mice affecting her visit.

She had a fear of mice as she said they can suddenly appear, out of nowhere, out of the blue. Tania was terrified of little mice, the way they dart, silently, in and out. She was afraid of them as they could surprise her, and they have disease and germs,and their colour and shape disgusts her. If she thought they would do no harm she said she’d be ok, but she was terrified they would do something. Tania said she imagined them darting about, trying to escape.

I asked Tania to look at the SUE scale and she indicated a reading of -10.  We then started a round of tapping. She placed her hands in the Healing Heart position and taking 3 deep breaths in and out, used the words “My fear of mice” – we then tapped lightly saying the Reminder Phrase “Mice” on each of the Points. We then returned to the Healing Heart position taking 3 deep breaths in and out.

Tania was now -8 on the SUE scale. We then continued with 5 further Rounds of EFT, using Reminder Phrases compiled from the words Tania used in describing her fear of mice to me . The results on the SUE were as follows:

After 3rd Round = -8 (no Change)

After 4th Round = -6

After 5th Round = -5

Tapping reduces her Fear of Mice

After this round she appeared far more relaxed talking about her fear of mice.  I asked her if she would be able to look at a picture of a mouse. She said she would, and produced a picture of one on her mobile. She briefly looked at it and threw her mobile phone across the room, with a shout of disgust.

I then got her to Tap on the inside of her wrists, until she was relaxed enough to continue with the remainder of the Tapping; after the 6th round = -4; after 7th = -2. After this Tania again produced the picture on her mobile. She lingered as she looked at it and said ”I don’t like it, but it’s not as bad.” She said she was happy with the result. A few weeks later Tania confirmed that she had visited the house, and her fear of the mice did not affect her. In fact she had really enjoyed the weekend.

This is another triumph for EFT. Although Tania didn’t get to +6 or +7 on the SUE scale, it was gratifying to see the vast improvement in her demeanour at -2, and I suppose this illustrates what Dr. Silvia Hartmann says “You don’t have to solve it, only evolve it.”

Regards and Best Wishes to all,

Brendan Quinn, EFT Master Practitioner. Click Here to contact Brendan.

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