Fibromyalgia Symptoms successfully relieved by EFT

fibromyalgia pain 150x150 Fibromyalgia Symptoms successfully relieved by EFT

Fibromyalgia Symptoms successfully relieved by EFT

Dear EFT Community,

I wanted to share with you the very rewarding experience I had of successfully applying EFT to Tina’s Fibromyalgia symptoms in August 2012. Tina told me she is happily married, with children, owns a business; is very busy, never rests, doesn’t know how to relax and she loves her job.

Since April 2012 Tina’s arms and legs are stiff and very sore in the mornings. It takes her about 2 hours to get ready to do anything regarding the breakfast, getting children ready for school, etc.

In June 2012 she went to see an Acupuncturist. Her doctor had confirmed she had Fibromyalgia prior to that. He had put her on steroid creams and tablets in November 2011.

She said “I have no major traumas in my life. I can’t relax due to being “a goer” and I can’t sit at home. I take on too much. I am happy being busy.”

“When I am stressed, my body seizes up. I was at an Acupuncturist earlier this year and I cried a lot. I felt sorry for myself with the swollen, painful left leg. I’d prefer to have a broken leg, as the pain and swelling are draining me.”

Tina has no work, relationship, financial, or family problems.

Tina’s fibromyalgia symptoms

Tina’s fibromyalgia symptoms presented as pain in her arms and legs. When I met Tina in August 2012 the pain was not as bad, but her left leg was swollen. She wanted me to try Hypnotherapy. I told her that if she insisted I would do Hypnotherapy, but that the results would not be permanent. I also said that in my opinion a new system, called EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques could well present a better outcome. We agreed that if the EFT results were not to her liking that I would do Hypnotherapy. Tina enquired about EFT and I explained it to her.

Her Dad was very selfish, never harmed her, but had no time for Tina. She did not talk to him. Tina has a younger sister who is of thin build, very quiet and sensible.

Her sister was “the best” according to her Dad and she was best pals with Dad, who said to Tina, “your sister won’t put on weight.”

Tina got very emotional here – 8….so I got her to tap on her wrists ….and then checked………down to 4….I then got her to do some more Tapping …down to 2.

She continued without emotion and said she knew her Dad would not go to her wedding, as she knew he would not walk her down the aisle. She had no bridesmaids and she got married abroad. Tina does not regret anything regarding her marriage arrangements. Her Dad did not go to the wedding party when Tina and her new husband returned home.

Tina did not shed a tear when her Dad died. I asked Tina about the benefits of not being sick. She said she would be able to go dancing and would be far better able to attend to the children. She said that with the pain she could not walk for about 6 weeks during the summer.

One day she overheard her son say to his pal “My Mum only stays in bed and takes tablets.”

Tina had been very active so that remark really upset her. She knew she took on too much herself. She had no pain when she was sitting. She rated the pain in her left leg at 5, but 10 in the morning. She also felt guilty about neglecting the children.

Tina said “the pain is telling me to slow down.”

She had severe Pain in both forearms – it rated 5. We did a round of tapping using the reminder phrase “pain”. The right arm went to a 3 after a second round and is an “ache” rather than a pain. Tina comments “It is no concern to me now” The pain in her left arm reduces to 0 after another round.

We then moved on to her leg pain. The severe pain in the back and front of both thighs rated 6. We did a round of tapping and the intensity in her right thigh reduces to 4. We did a few more rounds of tapping and the pain goes from 4 to 2, the 1, then 0.

Crippling pain – a fibromyalgia symptom

Tina described the pain in her left leg between her knee and ankle as ‘crippling pain’(a known fibromyalgia symptom) and rated the intensity at 6. We did a round using the reminder phrase ‘crippling pain’ and the intensity reduced to 5. The pain then moved to her left heel and she described it as a 6. We did the Truth Statement Technique. I asked Tina to get a 0-10 ‘truth level’ on the following statement:

“It’s hard to maintain a positive attitude about the future.”

She said it was a 6 but would have been a 9 before we met as she was now more focussed and appreciated the importance of being more positive .(0 being not true at all and 10 being very true).

We did two more rounds of tapping and she now felt it was at a 1.

She said “I have learnt a lot from you on being more positive and I’m going to take a proper lunch break from now on.”

She talked about her Dad without intense emotion as we continued to tap. She stood up and said “aches only – no severe pain…my heel is fine…Hip a bit tender.”

I asked Tina to ring me regarding her pain levels in about a week; after the first session I suggested to Tina that she should do the Tapping herself on a regular basis, to assist her general well-being.

On Wednesday 5th September Tina rang to thank me.

“It’s a miracle…no pain…. I got up today no problem. The ankle was never better. I got the kids ready for school. I hope it does not return.”

She said she is going to use EFT to help her give up smoking.

“Many thanks again and I’ll tell everyone I can about EFT.”

I was very please regarding the 2 sessions, as during my research on Fibromyalgia I read in “Fibromyalgia: Exploring New Possibilities for Relief”, by Rue Anne Hass, EFT Master that:

“It is possible to heal from Fibromyalgia, but it’s not easy. It requires major life changes…and she (Rue Anne Hass) believes that chronic conditions are not “diseases”, so much as they are the evidence of a spiritual dis-order.”

This is another triumph for EFT and one for which I’m very grateful. It was very gratifying to see the vast improvement in Tina’s Fibromyalgia symptoms, and that she is now more focused, and is going to take a proper lunch break from now on.

Regards and Best Wishes to all,

Brendan Quinn, EFT Master Practitioner. Click Here to contact Brendan.