Having Problems Breathing

Problems Breathing Having Problems Breathing

She was having Problems Breathing

Michelle was having problems breathing when she was at work. Michelle has attended before with some other issues which have been resolved. She arrived for this appointment and explained her issue as follow:

In the last 6 months she had noticed that within her work environment she felt very uncomfortable around men. Michelle had recently been promoted at work and her new role meant that she was working in a team of which she was the only female. She said that her breathing felt very tight and she was having problems breathing and all she wanted to do was run from the office and fling a window open to get some fresh air.

Jokingly she said ‘Sometimes I can make a discreet exit but it is getting more difficult of late and my breathing tightness is now taking over my day’. At this juncture she started to get emotional and tears welled in her eyes.

I asked her if she had similar symptoms when she was in a social setting. She replied that she didn’t – it only happened at work.

She said ‘ I love my job but this is crippling me’. I noticed that she tensed up at this point and asked her if she felt that intensity/ emotion anywhere in her body.

‘Yes – it feels like there is a big lump of phlegm stuck in my throat’. She rated this at an 8 and we did a round of tapping using the reminder phrase ‘big lump of phlegm’.

This went to a 5 after one round, so we did another round of tapping. This time we used the reminder phrase ‘it is stuck in my throat’. I checked in with Michelle after this round of tapping and she said that it was still there but was now a 3.

‘It is controlling me and that makes me angry’ she said. I asked her where she felt the anger and she said she felt it in her chest and it was a 9. We tapped on this anger and got it to a 3 also.

Because the anger was at a 3 and the lump in her throat was a 3 – my gut instinct had me thinking that there was an underlying issue going on here.

As we tapped on the finger points, I asked Michelle if she could remember a time before where she had felt this anger and controlled feeling? She stopped tapping and held her breath.

Why was she having Problems Breathing?

‘I do.’ She sounded really surprised. At this point I noticed that she was having problems breathing and I felt it was appropriate to just do a round of tapping on relaxing her breathing. I knew that she was shocked at the memory which had come up and that as her breathing had been affected just on recalling the memory it was best to focus initially on getting her breathing relaxed.

Michelle then told me that the memory was of a conversation she had with her then boyfriend. She was working in Galway at the time and he had called around to see her. They had been dating about 3 months at that stage.

She laughed nervously here and commented ‘The honeymoon period was definitely over. I was starting to realise that he wasn’t good for me’.

I asked her to explain this further. ‘Well – I started to realise that he was very controlling and the jealous type. He didn’t want me going out with my friends unless he was there too.’

Michelle got tearful again as she placed her hand over her throat. I asked her if she had any discomfort there.

‘Yes – it feels like panic in my throat and it is a 9′

We tapped a round on this and I also got Michelle to take a deep breath at the end and then check in to see how her throat was. It was now at a 2. I asked her to take a sip of water and then she reported that the feeling in her throat was down to a 1.

‘We are sitting on the sofa in the living room. This is what he said to me ‘ You are starting to get a little bit fat and we can’t have that now’.

The words stuck in Michelle’s throat. We did a round of tapping here using the reminder phrase ‘stuck lump’. Michelle relaxed a bit after this round. But commented that she was really angry with Paul and that his comments really upset her. This anger was a 7 and went to a 4 after one round and then to a 0 after a subsequent round.

The real reason behind her breathing problems..

Michelle sat back in her chair and gave a little sigh. With a watery smile she said:

‘I moved to Galway for work and was so happy there, until he came along. I moved away from my family to get away from a controlling environment. It took me another 6 months before I finally walked away from him. I guess the damage was done by then’ I asked her how she felt about this realisation. ‘I feel really sad and it is about a 6′. We tapped on feeling really sad and the intensity went to 0.

‘I realise now that my breathing problems at work for the last 6 months have been triggered by that controlling relationship with Paul. I guess the stress of the promotion and the fact that my new team is all male must have triggered that memory. I couldn’t understand before why I felt threatened – now it all makes sense.’

Michelle look more relaxed now, the strain was gone from her face and her breathing was smooth and even.

Feedback 3 weeks later…

Michelle is enjoying work again and getting on really well with her team. Her breathing is fine and she has not had any difficulties with her breathing since the session. She is aware that there are still some issues around her family and control that need to be looked at and intends to work on this in the New Year.

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