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All-over pain caused by love

Aisling Killoran of the Accomplish Change Clinic, Dublin, has submitted a case story after having a great session with a client who was suffering from all-over pain caused from love.

Aisling writes: Client presented with Pains all over the body especially from the heart. Had been to the doctor and was too embarrassed to tell him that the pain was as a result of being in love, so she told him she was suffering from Panic and anxiety attacks along with severe migraines!

He gave her a prescription, along with a sick note for a week off work. She had this pain for a full month and did not want to take any medication, as she knew it was all about her loved one and her relationship with him.

In desperation she Googled for help and came to see me.

The pain emanated out from her heart.

She was at a 10- on the Sue Scale and the pain emanated out from her heart around her whole body, she had difficulty breathing.

Needless to say we did about 5 rounds of de-stressing and then the following came up on each round that she did.

I’m falling apart

I’ve lost myself

I’m addicted to him

My heart is everywhere …stabbing feeling in my heart….red pain in my heart x 15 rounds and POP! The issue just disappeared -10 down to zero (approx 60 mins.)

She was then able to think about her love for him and was balanced within herself and had a sense of inner calmness that she forgot she had lost!

We continued with some more rounds x 7

I found myself

I am in charge of my emotions

I am free

I am at peace within my self etc…..

She felt amazing!

This was a 90 minute session. 3 days later I got an email saying:

I feel absolutely no emotional pain anymore…

Regarding our session. I would like to thank you. I feel really wonderful. I can not believe it but I have my life back. I feel absolutely no emotional pain anymore… nothing! and I am not obsessed anymore in any way. I feel like at the beginning of the relationship where everything was so easy. I did not break up with him maybe that would be a bit too extreme. Now I feel connected in a way ( not so strong anymore ) but totally detached in a healthy way. Many Thanks!”

By Aisling Killoran. EFT Master Practitioner & Trainer. Click Here to contact Aisling.

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