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Get Listed. Are you are a qualified EFT Practitioner or Trainer practising in Ireland?

It’s easy to get listed on the Register of EFT Practitioners in Ireland.

We’ve got 2 packages available, all of which get you listed for 1 year. Simply choose the one that’s right for you and then click on the appropriate link below.


Join from only 75 cent per week!

One page profile with your photo, contact details, experience and a link to your website.

Get found in your area.

Information on Accredited Courses, Workshops and Seminars with CPD points offered by EFT Trainers listed on this site.

Opportunity to submit Case Studies. In addition to your listing you can submit case stories/ articles for display on this website. These case stories are an opportunity for you to showcase your expertise in the field of EFT. Each case story featured will have a footer with your name and will be linked back to your profile page. These articles are invaluable for our website visitors. Each article submitted can be used to promote your business and to raise awareness of EFT.

Advice and Support. Network support available from your listed colleagues.

Regular e-newsletter with information on events and a round-up of interesting case studies.

Premium Listing:

This Listing offers you the following features:

Your own profile page on this site.
Link to your website.
Ad a photo to your profile.
Get found in your area.

Price: €39 per year



Premium Plus Listing

Includes all of the features of the Premium Listing.

You can also advertise your EFT events for FREE.

Your own profile page (including photo) on this site.
Link to your website.
Get found in your Area.
Advertise your EFT events on this site for FREE.

Price: €49 per year