Christine Disant

Christine Disant Christine Disant

Christine Disant

EFT Advanced Practitioner

Cost: €60 per session. Workshops individually priced. Please visit

Can Work Over the Phone/ Skype: Yes

Memberships: AAMET International

Phone: 087-6481935



EFT Level 2 Advanced Practitioner. AAMET International.
EFT Level 3 Advanced Practitioner. EFT Universe.
Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner


Christine specialises in supporting Caregivers. Her Skype and local clients appreciate her finesse, understanding, humour and kindness, her strong presence, her ability to make them feel safe, but also to identify hidden issues and find the right words.

We are all caregivers at heart. In many cases, care-giving means worrying about others, never saying NO, feeling overwhelm and powerlessness towards another person’s situation, approaching nervous exhaustion, adding stress over stress.

Christine will guide you to clear all these, and prevent them from returning, as you are holding your role, caring for the other person(s), AND for yourself. You will learn to get full benefit from one to one sessions, and to use EFT on your own in a way that is optimal to you. Christine also organises regular workshop or tapping groups for people who share similar concerns.

If you don’t give care to yourself, who will?

Whether you are supporting a friend, a parent, a spouse, a child or a friend, and whether they are dealing with cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, autism, or any other minor or serious disease or disability, the emphasis is often on the patient or the child. The caregiver then cares for this person’s needs, but the caregiver’s needs are seldom fulfilled.

You will find on many case studies that describe how Christine works and how a caregiver role can become easier. You can live your life and give your care at the same time. You will also find there answers to many commonly asked questions about EFT and how to use it, including her “Tips-to-Tap”, which will empower you on a daily basis.

Christine works in English and in French, in her practice in Carrigaline and on skype with clients worldwide.


Christine offers a Free initial consultation, so that you can experience the EFT process on a small issue specific to YOU. It is also your opportunity to ask any questions you might have.

All practitioners have their style and personality, and Christine believes we can only heal with people we trust and feel comfortable with. This is your opportunity to ensure that you feel 100% comfortable working with her.

Background Information:

From IT engineer and project manager in the corporate world to EFT practitioner, Christine’s life followed a very unexpected path. The path was… “Depression“!

After over 10 years as a successful IT engineer/ project manager, Christine was forced to face the depression that had been making her personal life a misery, for her and her family.

When she learned about EFT, she was far from convinced, but did become curious enough to want to find out more. The rest is history, twenty or more years of depression have vanished in a few months and a lot of tapping, and Christine can now follow her real path.

Her life purpose is to empower people to create their own physical and emotional well-being, and a life filled with joy and love. Her focus on helping caregivers comes from personal and professional experience.

Empowering caregivers to deal with the huge amount of daily stress they are facing in a graceful way is her daily joy,

Christine is French and have been living in Ireland since 1999 with her family.

“Your well-being is in YOUR hands”

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Phone: 087-6481935

Skype: practicallearners



5, Owenabue Mall, Carrigaline, Co. Cork

“Happiness depends upon ourselves” (Aristotle)

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