Neasa De Baroid

Neasa De Baroid Neasa De Baroid

Neasa De Baroid

EFT Advanced Practitioner

Cost: €60 per session. Also Workshops teaching a take-home version of EFT to use on yourself and your family.

Can Work Over the Phone/ Skype: Yes

Membership: AAMET International

Phone: 087-2535287



EFT Level 3 Advanced Practitioner AAMET.
B.A. Psychology, Sociology.


“My promise to you is to do all I can to help you arrive at your GREATEST POTENTIAL in life. It is what I seek for all my clients if you are willing to take that journey with me.”

Neasa uses EFT to enhance Performance Achievement individually or in teams, in schools and in the work-place. She also utilises it with fantastic results for physical & emotional illness. She specialises in accessing lost information from the child within you. Neasa offers a safe space in which you can connect with often forgotten childhood episodes in your life that are still keeping you stuck.

Dependent on the client’s needs and personality, Neasa balances EFTwith NLP, Inner child processing, Energy healing, visualisation, and deep relaxation to ensure the best opportunity for lasting results.

Background Information:

While working in the Performing Arts as a Singer, Neasa became aware that there was much more potential to her voice than what she was releasing. She had developed a habit of holding tension, and realised there were underlying reasons holding her back. Having tried many Therapies, Neasa fell upon EFT on the recommendation of a friend.

She has never looked back. She has discovered her greatest ability, not just as a Singer, but in so many aspects. In fact ‘She Fell in Love with her Life’. You eventually arrive at a point where you realise at a very deep level that your limitations have fallen away, leaving you free to soar in a sense of Happiness,Energy, & Clarity, and understand & resolve old emotional issues that block you from your greatest lives.

For example, when we lack Self Confidence, we cannot access the inner tools that unveil our greatest lives. We are born as a Perfect Diamond. Treat your energy system with EFT and feel the problems drain away.

Contact Details:




Bernedene, Boreenmanna Road, Cork City.

“Fall in Love with Your Life Again”

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