Skeptic Husband now tapping regularly

Skeptic Skeptic Husband now tapping regularly


He was a total Skeptic

Fiona Holden of EFT Ireland clinic in Cork has recently submitted an interesting case story about a client who’s partner sat in on the session too – who was a total skeptic. (No pressure!)

An appointment was booked for Maria by her son. Maria was in the advanced stages of a serious disease and was suffering from a lot of body pain. All she wanted was some relief from the constant pain – even a slight reduction in its intensity would be good.

Maria’s husband asked if he could sit in on the session as well. I was happy for him to do so as long as Maria was ok with it too.

Skeptic taps along too

As we are working with the energy system I needed to ensure that the session ran as smoothly as possible. So I offered Tom a choice of either listening to music with headphones while the session progressed with Maria or alternatively tapping along silently with us. Tom was a skeptic but chose to tap along with us.

Maria had a lot of pain in her hips and wanted to look at that.

‘I can’t do anything.’

‘I feel so restricted.’

She described the pain at the top of her hips as a dead pain and rated it at a -5. After a few rounds this went to a +1. The pain then moved to her right hip and she described it as follows:

‘an uncomfortable nagging pain’

‘dead pain the size of a golf ball’

I explained to Maria that as there was an underlying illness that EFT could help her manage her pain on a day to day basis to make life a bit easier. She was happy with that and we continued to tap.

Meanwhile Tom was tapping along silently. I was aware from our initial conversation and his body language that he was just humouring me and was skeptical about this weird tapping thing we were doing.

I continued to tap with Maria as the pain moved around (chasing the pain).

‘nagging pain’

‘poking pain’

‘tolerable pain’

The numbers went from -6 to mostly +2′s. As the session was drawing to a close I suggested to Maria that she use the tapping daily to manage and reduce the intensity of the pain. She was open to this and left with a tapping chart of the points.

Tom was doubtful of the whole process and though he asked a few questions I knew he was still sceptical.

About 6 months after this session, I spoke with Tom’s son John. Sadly, Maria had passed away in the intervening months. But she had used the tapping to manage her pain and get some relief.

Skeptic now using EFT regularly

Tom was also using EFT. This I couldn’t believe. So John explained further. Not long after Maria’s session they had been away for the weekend. Tom got a very bad pain in his arm one morning. He did a few rounds of tapping to see would it get rid of the pain. The pain went away.

At Maria’s funeral mass, Tom used the finger point tapping to help him through the overwhelm and sadness of his loss during the ceremony. He continues to use tapping on a regular basis now and is a convert of the benefits of EFT.

By Fiona Holden. EFT Master Practitioner & Trainer. CLICK HERE to contact Fiona.

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