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Stop Cravings

Dear EFT Community,

Even though I have been using EFT with clients to stop cravings for years, I am still blown away by how eloquent it is and how solutions can be achieved seamlessly.

Emily has been attending my clinic for the past number of months. Her main issue was difficulty losing weight. At this stage she was within half a stone of reaching her goal weight and very happy with her progress.

When Emily arrived she was smiling and a bit bemused with herself. She said ‘I know we have used EFT to stop cravings and it works for me, but every so often I still go for the chocolate.’

‘What really annoys me is that it doesn’t really taste very good, I don’t get a kick out of it like I used to, but I still eat it’.

She rated her annoyance at a 7 and we did a round of tapping on that using the words ‘really annoyed’.

The intensity around this went to a 2. Emily said ‘I wish I knew what was triggering my need to eat the chocolate – I don’t even like the taste of it anymore’.

‘It is almost like a defiance in me.’

Emily’s defiance was a 6. So we tapped on that using the setup ‘ Even though I am defiant and eat the chocolate anyway, I am ok’.

How to Stop Cravings Now

As we finished this round a look for surprise came over Emily’s face. ‘Oh my God, chocolate = love’. I asked her to explain this further. She said that as we went through that round of tapping an image popped up of her when she was around 12 years old. Every Friday evening her Dad brought her to the shop and bought her chocolate. She said that she now realises that she equated that weekly trip to the shop with Dad’s love for her.

Emily was amazed at this realisation. ‘No wonder I am still eating the chocolate. I associate it with feeling loved!’ She now had the key to stop cravings.

Using Matrix Reimprinting we did some rounds of tapping on 12 year old Emily. I asked Emily to close her eyes and bring to mind a picture of herself when she was 12. Emily described the picture as follows: 12 year old Emily is sitting on the floor in the sitting room. She is colouring and there is light in the area around her. But the rest of the room is dark and blurry.

Emily said ‘I always felt isolated. The only good part of the week was when Dad brought me to the shop for chocolate on Fridays.’

Emily started to sob and said she felt sad for 12 year old Emily. We did a round of tapping using the reminder phrase ‘ sad for little Emily.’ Her intensity around this went from a 9 to 3 after one round. We did one more round of EFT using¬†the reminder phrase¬†‘remaining sadness for little Emily’ and got this to a 1.

Stop Cravings for Good!

We chatted a bit more and I asked Emily what else she could do now to experience that sense of love (instead of eating chocolate). She laughed and said ‘ Well, I still love to draw and doodle. I am always buying colours and pens but not using them. I must start drawing again.’ Emily was really pleased at this revelation. She said that she loved sketching and colouring and that it felt right to start doing that again.

Again I asked Emily to close her eyes and bring to mind the picture of 12 year old Emily. She smiled and said ‘It has totally changed. I see her now in a lovely bright room, the sun is shining through the window. She is doodling and looks really happy.’

Emily was really pleased at the outcome of this session. She said that she had felt blocked creatively for such a long time and was excited now about the prospect of spending time sketching again.

Feedback from Emily since the session:

‘I am eating more fruit now and definitely have more energy because of it. I haven’t had chocolate in the last 2 weeks. The cravings have stopped.’

Fiona Holden. EFT Master Practitioner & Trainer. Click Here to contact Fiona.