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 EFT Ireland Register of Practitioners – About Us

My name is Fiona Holden. I’m an EFT Trainer and Master Practitioner affiliated with both AMT and AAMET. I started getting inquiries from potential clients looking for an EFT practitioner in their local area. In some pockets of the country I found it difficult and time consuming to locate EFT practitioners.

The EFT Ireland Register of Practitioners was created so that:


The public can easily find an EFT practitioner in their area without having to browse around other websites.

EFT practitioners can find and support each other.

The Case Stories will help to raise public awareness about EFT and its role in facilitating health and well-being.


I sincerely hope you find this website useful.


Please share this wonderful resource with others so they can benefit from EFT too.


Thank you.

Fiona Holden,
EFT Ireland.co

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