What Caused her Panic Attack Symptoms?

Chest Tightness 150x150 What Caused her Panic Attack Symptoms?

What caused her Panic Attack Symptoms?

Dear EFT Community,

I want to share with you this fascinating case story about a client who arrived with panic attack symptoms and the following complaints -

Sheila had been out walking the previous weekend and had fallen and hurt her lower back and neck. Her movement was restricted in her neck on the right hand side and also her lower back was a bit tender.

• She also said she had been experiencing panicky feelings and tightness in her chest most mornings for the last three or four weeks. This is what prompted her to come for an EFT session. She didn’t like feeling panicky and admitted this scared her and she didn’t know what to do about it.

• Sheila was very on edge when she arrived and sat in nervous anticipation on the edge of her chair.

Sheila is happily married with 2 small children. Both Sheila and her husband had been unemployed for the past 18 months. She admitted that money was a worry and that she felt stressed about it but tried not to show it as she didn’t want to ‘worry the kids.’

Sheila described her neck pain as ‘like a heavy weight leaning on me’ and rated it a 4. We did a round of tapping. The neck pain reduced to 1. Sheila turned really pale and said she felt sick in her stomach and rated this at a 2. We did another round of tapping, using the reminder phrase ‘sick stomach’ as we tapped. The sick feeling in her stomach reduced to 0.

Panic Attack Symptoms return…..

However Sheila then said that the chest tightness she had been experiencing the last few weeks had come back. This upset her as she didn’t understand why she had these panic attack symptoms. She rated it 8 and we did a round of EFT using the reminder phrase ‘chest tightness’. Sheila went to a 5 after this round. Sheila commented ‘ this is eating me up.’ We did another round, this time using the words ‘ this fear in my chest the size of a fist.’ The panicky feelings subsided to a 1. Sheila was relieved that the intensity had reduced for now.

I asked Sheila did she remember a time before that she had felt those panicky feelings. She said that it reminded her of an event 5 years previously. The family home had been destroyed by fire. All the family were safe but she had a fear it might happen again. She described that time as ‘ having no control.’

The family got to live in an old period house in the country while their house was being renovated. Sheila got very upset again and said she felt really guilty. She had always wanted to live in an old period house but hadn’t anticipated that it would happen like this. She said she had been reading a book on manifesting abundance and that if felt dangerous. ‘Be careful what you wish for. The price might be too high.’

She rated her guilt at a 9 so we did a round on that. ‘I feel guilty, did I manifest this?’

As we finished this round the tears started to fall. Sheila started to talk about her Dad. He had disapproved of her boyfriend Shane (now husband) and this had caused her a lot of stress.

Around the time she was dating Shane she was also working for her Dad. Sheila got really angry here because her Dad had once said to her ‘ You are using my money to spend it on that waster’. Her anger was coming in at a 9. We did a round saying ‘ so angry at Dad.’

Sheila then stopped and said she always felt she didn’t measure up in her Dad’s eyes. ‘I was always trying to prove myself to him’ but he never noticed me. ‘I worked so hard for him but never got any acknowledgement for it, he only had eyes for my (younger) brother.’

Anytime she tried to discuss it with her father her mother reprimanded her and said ‘You are not to stress your father out, you will only give him a heart attack’. Sheila said she found it hard to get resolution on this as she felt no one was on her side or understood her. This made her feel sad. We tapped on this sadness and got it from a 7 to a 2 in just one round.

Panic attacks symptoms and Grief

Sheila’s Dad went into hospital in 2004. She was told he was really ill and had very little time left. She found that episode very challenging because of her unresolved issues with him. Even at the hospital bed Dad only had eyes for her brother. At this point Sheila got really fidgety and unsettled and said she had a pain in her heart.

We did a round of tapping on ‘all this hurt and heart pain’ and it reduced from a 10 to 7 to 2. She said that she had felt ‘so small’ at his bedside and had ‘no control’ over what was going on. Her Dad passed away later that day.

We did several rounds of tapping here. Sheila said ‘I have been hurting inside all this time’. She realised that she had bottled it all up inside and had never expressed or processed her grief around her Dad’s death. The intensity of emotion was high but we kept tapping until Sheila finally took a deep breath and said ‘ I am exhausted but I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders’.

This was the end of our session. I rang Sheila about 2 weeks later to see how she was doing. She reported that she had not had any panicky feelings or episodes of chest tightness since our session. She also said ‘I can now talk about my Dad without breaking down, this is something I couldn’t do before because I knew it would upset me and I would cry, thank you.’

She also said she felt less stressed. ‘I feel so much better. Next time I want to work on my need to always prove myself to others…EFT is great.’

Another result for EFT – panic attacks can be so debilitating. In this session Sheila was able to get to the root cause of her panicky feelings. EFT allowed her the opportunity to safely process the grief she had bottled up for years. Thank you EFT.

Warm Wishes,

Fiona Holden. EFT Master Practitioner & Trainer. Click Here to contact Fiona.