Whoopi Goldberg uses Tapping for Fear of Flying

Whoopi Goldberg 150x150 Whoopi Goldberg uses Tapping for Fear of Flying


Tapping for Fear of Flying

Tapping for fear of flying just like Whoopi Goldberg. If you’ve never tried Tapping, you may wonder if you should bother to use it, especially if you’ve never tried any alternative or energy treatments and don’t believe it can work. My answer is most definitely ‘YES!’ Just do it and see for yourself how well it can work.

To be honest Tapping looks strange. But it has been clinically proven effective many times and is used by some of the top people in the personal development and success fields, including Jack Canfield and Louise Hay – because it’s so effective for moving forward with goals.

Who is using Tapping?

Tapping has been endorsed by Deepak Chopra. Whoopi Goldberg used it to eliminate her fear of flying. Richard Branson has incorporated this technique into the Virgin Atlantic ‘Flying without Fear’ program.

Some great reasons to learn Tapping are:

• Anyone can learn how to do it.
• You can tap in just a few minutes.
• It’s free to do, though some people find it helpful to work with a practitioner.
• You can do it anytime, anywhere.
• It can yield great results quickly.

Whoopi on youtube talks about Tapping

Check out this video to hear Whoopi talking about Tapping. She hadn’t been on a plane in 13 years.

I get pale…which is not cute!

And after using EFT Whoopi said ‘I got on a plane…..

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